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Sample Data

Zipped collection of these small trees
   SunflowerA.tre     55 nodes
   SunflowerB.tre     55 nodes
   23sA.tre     1572 nodes
   23sB.tre     1572 nodes
   phylogeny-matchestaxonomy.tre     6K nodes
   taxonomy-interiorlabels.tre     7K nodes
   02udp.tre    137K nodes
   02icmp.tre    140k nodes

3 OpenDirectory trees     480k nodes each
Each OpenDirectory tree is a snapshot of the category hierarchy from the dmoz / open directory project website, in Newick format with special characters removed. The date each snapshot was retrieved from the website is indicated in each file name (opendir_040322.tre is from March 22, 2004).

InfoVis Contest Information and Data
common.tar.gz    3.2 MB
latin.tar.gz ( latin names )    2.2 MB