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Latest release on October 7, 2007: Version 2.1


Webstart v2.1
Run by clicking on the webstart link. The application can be run with the Java Webstart application offline after the initial download, and will be upgraded automatically.

JAR files

JAR file v2.1
JOGL libraries, from the JOGL website, must be manually downloaded for this option (TJ 2.1 was tested with JOGL version 1.1.1rc3, released July 4, 2007). Choose the library file that corresponds to your system type and unzip to any desired location. Run the JAR file with the following command, or modify and use this script:
java -cp jogl.jar:gluegen-rt.jar:tj.jar net.sourceforge.olduvai.treejuxtaposer.TreeJuxtaposer [<file1> ... <fileN>]

Compiled source

Source v2.1
To compile TreeJuxtaposer, the jogl libraries are included in the source file and are used by the compile scripts for the runnable JAR file or the source package. Included in this archive are the original source (olduvaiTrunk/net), a compiled source (olduvaiTrunk/build), and the TJ API documentation as Javadoc web pages (olduvaiTrunk/doc).


JAR building script
This script downloads the most recent version of TreeJuxtaposer from the source repository and attempts to build TJ in the set directory. After building, the script will create a JAR file. The JOGL libraries must be configured properly, and the downloaded source is not guaranteed to compile. A Java SDK (version 5) and subversion are required for this script.


JAR file v2.1
Source v2.1
JAR file v2.0
Source v2.0

JAR file v1.3
Source v1.3
JAR file v1.2
Source v1.2
JAR file v1.1
Source v1.1
   GL4Java -- for v1.1-v1.3
or Linux and Windows OS
Linux and Windows: Unzip the file, place the .dll (Windows) or .so (Linux) files in <jrePath>/bin, and place the .jar files in <jrePath>/lib/ext.